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Pot beer bellies, flabby arms and a layered neck is a thing of the past. It is the modern day trend for
guys to have a thick, well toned and contoured body that speaks for their manly nature. However, the picture perfect bodies in magazine and bodybuilding competitions do not just happen. Acquiring such as well toned and proportionate body takes more than lifting weights several days a week. It sometimes is important to aid your efforts with supplements specially designed for this purpose.

Supreme Antler is a hormone growth supplement. It is a powerful product that contains an all natural main ingredient, Antler velvet. This is sourced from the New Zealand Red Deer. Antlers are part of a deer’s skull and are covered with a velvety fur layer all over.

The fact that it is part of bone means that it is just as strong. The antlers are trimmed annually and the trimmings are known to be useful in various ways. The most popular benefit of the trimmings of the antlers is the sexual stamina.

This is just a bonus that one stands to gain just by consuming Supreme Antler. Studies on the antler velvet were conducted on a group of cadets in a Alberta police academy. The results showed that the cadets who used products containing antler velvet had more stamina and endurance than those who didn’t. It was also discovered that the cadets showed signs of increased levels of blood plasma testosterone.

Supreme Antler is a product that is manufactured using pure antler velvet. The harvesting process is done in the most humane way without posing danger to the deer. More studies on antler velvet were conducted by the University of New Zealand on a group of athletes. Those on antler velvet had doubled their muscular endurance after a period of 10 weeks as opposed to the placebo team. Over 3 dozen repeat studies on the antler velvet have continually proven positive effects on muscular development, recovery, and cardiac output.

Benefits of Supreme Antler

1. Improved Protein Synthesis

A well balanced diet is essential for a healthy body but proteins are responsible for muscle growth. People who consume the supreme antler supplement are proven to experience proper nutrient maximization and in this case, protein utilization. In this case, the nutrients consumed are delivered directly to the muscles. This sees to it that a proper balance is achieved and that you experience appropriate growth and formation of muscle.

2. Faster Muscle Recovery

People who spend time in gyms, especially those that lift weights, can attest to the fact that their muscles hurt and cramp every so often. This is especially so for first timers who are not accustomed to the bodybuilding lifestyle. Truth be told, the muscle soreness can slow you down and even demoralize your psyche for acquiring a picture perfect body. Taking a Supreme Antler supplement is proven to prevent muscle soreness. It also is highly effective in aiding muscle recovery after an intense workout session. This grants you more energy to keep working out without suffering the aftermath of beastmode.

3. Improved Strength

The power and strength to push comes from the body and only requires you to unleash it. However, you will fail miserably if your body isn’t strong enough to comply. Supreme Antler effectively rejuvenates your body with ample strength to keep you going through your workouts. You’ll always have the power to push your workout more than you initially did.

4. Body fat Burn

One of the benefits that you will get to enjoy while taking the Supreme Antlers is the body fat burn. By using your own means or other substandard products out there, you will only achieve little fat burn. This of course will slow your progress and maybe lead to frustration. The faster you burn your body fat the faster you will build muscle and subsequently acquire the body that you have always dreamt of.

5. Muscle explosion!

Forget the baby muscles that only appear when you flex, supreme antler is guaranteed to earn you impressive rock hard and well defined muscles. These are obviously visible and well outlined even when you are at a relaxed position.

Where to buy supreme antler

Due to the many counterfeit artists out there who grab any possible opportunity to reproduce successful products for financial gains. Supreme Antler is only available on the manufacturer’s website. This rules out the chances of serious individuals looking to build their muscles from being conned.

supreme antler


The most attractive feature of the Supreme Antler supplement is that it is made using all natural ingredients. The key ingredient is antler velvet that has, time and again, been proven to be highly effective especially for men. The natural ingredients are targeted towards reducing chances of the user experiencing negative effects or even experiencing allergic reactions. The ingredients include;

Velvet Antler


Tribulus Terrestris






Antler velvet is a proven ingredient with vast health benefits such as strength, endurance, sexual stamina among many other health benefits.

Made using all natural ingredients hence ruling out side effects or harmful allergic reactions


There is no list of ingredients on the bottle. Apart from the antler velvet ingredient, there is no other information given on the rest of the ingredients.

One can only purchase the product from the company’s website.

Supreme antler is a product that has been proven to positively aid the process of muscle building while at the same time eliminating chances of side effects and allergic reactions to the user. It is always of comfort purchasing a product that is guaranteed to give you exactly what it is that you’re looking for.It is however advisable to consulkt a physician before taking this suppliment if you have pre existing medical condition. It is also important to notify your doctor about it if you are on another prescription of medicine. Sometimes, ingredients in different drugs counter-interact with each other hence causing harm to you or becoming ineffective. People who have heart complications are normally advised to steer away from drugs enhancing sexual stamina. Once your practitioner has granted a green light, you are at liberty of enjoying the benefits of Supreme Antler.

supreme antler